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Constellation collects, preserves, and provides permanent open online access to Dominican University faculty, student and staff scholarship. It also includes works that reflect the service environment of the University and scholarship on the Dominican Order.

Dominican faculty, students and staff are encouraged to deposit their scholarly output in Constellation.


You can now read three publications of Sister Mary Ellen O’Hanlon (1882-1961), revered and renowned professor of botany at Rosary College in the mid 20th century, in Constellation. Sister O’Hanlon focused her research on using “an enlightened, scientific approach to human differences to combat racism and prejudice” (Women Building Chicago 1790-1990, page 645), advocated for racial justice, and was very active in the civil rights movement. Sister Diane Kennedy explains Sister O’Hanlon’s writing as extremely important in “guiding college students, workers and others toward the civil rights movement.” (Dominican Magazine Fall 2013, page 10.)

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