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Three Careers: Highlights and Overtones

Three Careers: Highlights and Overtones O'Hanlon, Sister Mary Ellen, O.P. 2016-06-30T17:50:42Z 2016-06-30T17:50:42Z 1994
dc.description.abstract Introduction by Sister Benvenuta Bras, O.P.: Sister Mary Ellen O'Hanlon, a member of the Rosary College faculty during the first 30-some years of its existence existence, a demanding professor of botany, was well-known in college and professional circles. Characteristic were her imperious bearing, her confident statements of opinion, her strong and perhaps domineering manner, and with that, her friendly and engaging personality. Members of the Rosary faculty knew her well. Yet for many of our younger sisters, her name means only a prayer on the list of our deceased sisters. I expected to find therein data for a "curriculum vitae," with appropriate dates, lists of publications, professional memberships and possibly some correspondence, and, in her obituary, an account of her last days. What I did find changed my plans completely. Sister Mary Ellen left a typed autobiography, THREE CAREERS, clearly intended for publication. My astonishment and delight increased exponentially as I read, and I knew at once that her own presentation was infinitely superior to any summary I could make. Therefore the following pages offer THREE CAREERS as she wrote it, beginning with a table of contents and a list of illustrations for her proposed work. en_US
dc.title Three Careers: Highlights and Overtones en_US

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