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Racial Myths

Racial Myths O'Hanlon, Sister Mary Ellen, O.P. 2016-06-30T18:14:32Z 2016-06-30T18:14:32Z 1946
dc.description.abstract Somewhere there is recorded an Arabian proverb in which the author distinguishes three classes of human beings - "those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move." This very terse and pithy classification of mankind does not coincide with the more popular but much less profound distinctions which are offered by the physical anthropologist; because a proportionate representation of all three of these classes, according to the Arabian philosopher, would undoubtedly be found in each of the various "races" or groups which are distinguished by the anthropologist. Because of their popularity and the exaggeration of their significance, these less fundamental and quite superficial distinctions designate but also confuse the meaning of the concept of race. en_US
dc.title Racial Myths en_US

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